[NEWS] 消費期限 vs 賞味期限

[NEWS] Use-by date vs Best before date

There is a big difference between use-by and best before dates. Why are they different?

[WORLD NEWS] 英国 : 新車販売に占めるEVの割合を段階的に引き上げ

[WORLD NEWS] UK : Majority of new cars to be electric by 2030

In the UK, majority of new cars sold to be electric by 2030. How about Japan?


[WORLD NEWS] 世界で最も持続可能な国・都市ランキング

[WORLD NEWS] Sustainable Travel Index rankings

Sustainable Travel Index rankings have been published!

[WORLD NEWS] 台湾: スターバックスのカップ貸し出しサービス

[WORLD NEWS] TAIWAN : Starbucks Borrow a Cup Service

TAIWAN : Starbucks Borrow a Cup Service available in over 500 stores

[WORLD NEWS] JALにて荷物軽減のための新サービスを開始

[WORLD NEWS] JAL launches new service to help customers reduce baggage

Japan Airlines (JAL) has started a trial of a clothing rental service called "Any Wear, Anywhere" as a service to reduce luggage.

[WORLD NEWS] イギリス:地球に優しいリフィルできるコカコーラボトル

[WORLD NEWS] England : Eco friendly refillable Coca Cola bottles

Trial for delivery and collection of refillable Coke Zero Sugar bottles starts in England!

[WORLD NEWS] CO2削減のために短距離フライトを禁止

[WORLD NEWS] Short-haul flights banned to cut CO2

France bans short-haul domestic flights to cut carbon emissions.  

[WORLD NEWS] 洗濯の頻度はどれくらいがいいのでしょうか?

[WORLD NEWS] How often should you wash your clothes?

How often should you wash your clothes?The answer really depends on personal aspects such as sweat level and lifestyle. Here are some simple ways to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly.

[WORLD NEWS] 2ユーロのTシャツ買いますか?

[WORLD NEWS] Would you buy a 2 euros t-shirt?

Would you buy a 2 euros t-shirt?


[WORLD NEWS] プラスチック鉢のリサイクルシステム

[WORLD NEWS] Plastic pots recycling scheme

Plantagen is a store operated throughout the Nordic region where customers can fill their homes and gardens with plants, furniture and tools. To protect the environment, Plantagen encourages customers to return their pots. In return, customers will receive a new plant!

[WORLD NEWS] スタジアムで再利用可能なカップの使用を義務化

[WORLD NEWS] Reusable cups mandatory in stadiums

The new requirements from the Packaging Act have been in force since January 1, 2023 in Germany. They oblige companies such as restaurants, canteens, supermarkets or cafes that sell takeaway food and drinks to also offer their products in reusable packaging. Big changes are also taking place in German soccer stadiums!

[WORLD NEWS] タバコの吸い殻の清掃費用をタバコ会社が負担

[WORLD NEWS] Tobacco companies pay for discarded cigarettes

One of the most picked up items during street clean up are discarded cigarette ends. In Spain, tobacco companies must now pay for clean up of discarded cigarettes!

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