World Ocean Day is celebrated every year on June 8, one of the international days established by the United Nations General Assembly on December 5, 2008, as a day to reflect on and appreciate the oceans. This day has now become a year-round global action initiative to take action on the oceans and climate.

Why don't we start with what we can do to connect our lives with the oceans, which are so close to us, to the future? For example:
* Minimize the use of plastic bottles and disposable plastics
* Help take care and clean up the beach and streets
* Do not use products that harm marine life

Avoid buying coral jewelry, tortoiseshell hair accessories, and sunscreen containing ingredients known to be harmful to coral reefs.

Or one way to reduce microplastic from your  clothes to get its way in to the ocean, try using Guppyfriend Washing Bags for laundry. Most clothing today contains synthetic materials made from fossil fuels, such as nylon and polyester. When those clothes are washed, microplastics leak through the filter systems of washing machines and wastewater treatment facilities and flowi into rivers and oceans.

Let's take action to protect our oceans!