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Color: BLUE

✔︎ Compostable
✔︎ Zerowaste
✔︎ Plastic Free
✔︎ Natural
✔︎ FSC certified

A sponge wipe with high water absorption and quick drying made from 100% natural materials.

Since it can be wiped clean without leaving any fibers, it is perfect for wiping dishes, wiping tables, and wiping baths and wash basins.

In Scandinavia and Europe, sponge wipes are used by many households. It absorbs water so much;  once you use it, you will surely be captivated and won't want anything else!

- Color: BLUE | PINK
- Material : From FSC-certified cellulose (certification for paper and wood products made from controlled forest trees that are not over-deforested) and cotton fibers that are too short for use in the textile industry. It is made.
- Cellulose: A fiber material extracted from wood scraps
Can return to nature. Since it is made from 100% biodegradable natural materials, it will decompose in 6 to 8 weeks even if it is buried in the soil when it is disposed of, and it will return to nature.
- Eco-friendly ink
The ink used to print the sponge wipes is water-based and environmentally friendly. Twice
- Reduction of waste
It can be machine washed so it can be used for a long time.
Using a sponge wipe is an alternative to other fabrics that often contain plastic.
It also helps reduce the consumption of kitchen paper.

Size: 172x200 mm
Ingredients: 70% cellulose, 30% cotton
Made in: Germany
Print: Sweden

It can be used for a wide range of purposes for example:
- Wipe the table and sink
- Dishwashing
- As a draining mat after washing dishes
- Window cleaning and floor cleaning
- Wipe off water from the bath or wash basin
- As a non-slip bowl holder
- Soap dish

- Wet the sponge wipe with water and squeeze it lightly without twisting before use.
- If it gets dirty, wash it with dish detergent.
- If you are concerned about dirt, you can sterilize it by boiling and wash it in the washing machine.
- Avoid using chlorine bleach.
- Do not leave it in a hot place for a long time.
- When kept wet for a long time, the color may bleed.


L’occasion delivers eco-friendly products that sparks joy.

Made from the desire to create a fashionable yet eco-friendly original brand.L'occasion means "opportunity" in French.


Many sponges are made of plastic which means the micro plastics can flow out into the sea and river by every use. This sponge wipe is made of natural materials with high water absorption and quick drying. Give them a try! It's reusable, plastic free, and natural.A great step towards zero waste lifestyle!

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