It has already been four years since we, Borderless Creations, launched in 2019.

While we have kept our original vision, the experience we have gained over the past few years has allowed us to update many things.

And the fashion industry, which we have been involved in for so long, is definitely changing for the better.

This is a wonderful thing.

We can make sustainable choices not only in our clothes, but in many of the things we pick up.

It may not be long before that day arrives.

In recent years, we have also been focusing on school education as one of our new activities.

To make people aware of the current situation, to think and act together with children.

This is also our vision.

We are working to solve the problems that lie ahead of us, one at a time, so that we will eventually be able to see things from a global perspective.

Everything we do is for the future of our children.

"Safe for you, safe for the planet"

Borderless Creations online store is a store that curates products with stories behind them that are better alternatives.

We have traveled to many countries and experienced the local lifestyle. The common denominator there was an awareness of environmental issues without going against the trends of the times, and an attitude of adopting ethical consumption appropriate to the locality.

These choices include food products, as well as the daily necessities and fashion goods we deal with.

There are many ethical items in the world with good taste.
Wouldn't it be most exciting if there was a brand story there that you could relate to?

Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem