Summer vacation is coming soon - many of you may be traveling or going on business trips abroad. Living in an island country like Japan, it is not possible to take a train or bus to a neighboring country like in Europe.

What can you do to be environmentally conscious?  There is a growing movement to offset CO2 emissions from various airlines.

All Nippon Airways offers a carbon offset program whereby CO2 emissions can be calculated and purchased as credits to offset emissions to support forest protection projects in Japan and overseas.

At Japan Airlines, emitted CO2 can be donated as credits to projects that prevent deforestation in Indonesia.

Lufthansa Airlines not only offers a carbon offset option to support reforestation projects, but has also introduced a system to replace fossil fuels with sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and pay the associated extra fees.

American Airlines support projects in Mexico, Indonesia, and Honduras through its carbon offset program.

Take a look at each company's initiatives next time you fly!