Hello, I’m Saki, Borderless Creations’ Ambassador!

In March, EU Parliament adopted new measures to make packaging more sustainable and reduce packaging waste in the EU.*1

However, I feel that in Japan, there are lots of packaging plastic being used. So today, I would like to write about “FRUSACK” – a reusable produce bag which is available at Borderless Creations. 

-Characteristics of FRUSACK-
・Made from cornstarch - compostable bioplastic

・Transparent – hence you can see what’s inside

・Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer

My favorite thing about FRUSACK is that it is “transparent” and “has lots of holes”. The transparency enables me to not forget what’s inside when I put it in the fridge. And, I can also check if the fruits/vegetables are damaged or not.

-The way I use FRUSACK-

-Take FRUSACK when I shop-

It’s light and can be folded so it fits in my small bag.



Also, it can carry up to 3.5 kg so I can put in heavy stuff as well.

The fruits and vegetables I used to put into the single-use plastic bags… now all of them can go into FRUSACK and with no waste! 

-Wash fruits and vegetables-

I wash the fruits and vegetables, them being inside the FRUSACK!

When I put in grapes/strawberries, foods which are small, it is so easy to wash with them being inside the FRUSACK!
You can put many kinds of fruits/vegetables in one bag, easy to wash at once.



-Hang Soap-

I put soaps inside the FRUSACK and hang it in the shower room. I don’t need to use soap foaming net as FRUSACK does the job for this! But do note that FRUSACK is not made particularly for soap use. So the bag is a little too big and the foaming net isn’t perfect for the use of soaps, but it’s enough for me.


FRUSACK can be used in many ways, it just needs your imagination!

Let’s use FRUSACK and say sayonara to single-use plastic.

Available at Borderless Creations: