How many reusable bottles do you have?


Carrying your own bottle is very easy! I am sure that many people who are committed to an ethical lifestyle started with getting your own.

I myself believe that carrying my own bottle is the biggest effect of raising awareness of the issue of single-use. This action is a good opportunity to look at all single-use products, including plastic bottles, drink containers served in cafes, cutlery, straws, and so on.

Now that this awareness has become second nature, we can refuse what we don't need and carry your own if we need it. Even in restaurants, we can now insist without worrying about being seen a strange person. The mindset of people are gradually changing for the better, so it will be easier than it was years ago.

But as for having your own bottle, you may ask, "But is it a good thing to buy several bottles?" and/or  "Isn't buying many bottles going to be more burden on the environment?" We think it is okay to do so and if this action leads to the next one, it is a plus.

In our daily lives, we are placing an environmental burden on many things, so we need to take a holistic view of things and act accordingly.

Let's take one step at a time, starting with what we can do so that we don't get tired of being overly conscious.

*We recommend that you keep the *MYMIZU" app in your phone to help you in case you need to find a water refill station nearby!