CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) - 地域支援型農業

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

As we continue with composting which we started last year, we have decided to participate in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) from this year as well. This is a new initiative from 4Nature Co., Ltd., which also operates [1.2mile community compost], another initiative we participated in.

我が家のコンポスト・チャレンジ!NO. 5


Our 5th compost bag is about to enter the “aging” period.  We also started to use the nutritious soil made from our 4th compost bag to plant some vegetable seeds including some reuse ideas!

1.2マイル コミュニティコンポストを通じて


Today’s blog is about the “1.2mile community compost” project in which we are members of. There is only one month left for activities at COMMUNE Omotesando. Take a look at the progress and the efforts thus far from the members!

フードロスに立ち向かうホテル - "廃棄物の重さを量り、子供を養う"

A hotel's initiative to combat food waste - "Weigh the waste, feed the child"

There are many efforts for sustainability in India.  Today we talk about a  resort on the hills of Coorg, India. This resort has decided to charge customers for leftover food in order to help reducing food waste! How do they do this?


Tips for a more sustainable holiday season

Christmas is a special day all over the world but it is also not the most environmentally-friendly time either. This festive season has been the peak consumption period but you CAN actually have a more eco-friendly Christmas without loosing the fun!  Here are some tips for a more greener and more sustainable festive season!

土を触り、野菜を育てる / 1.2mile community compost 続報

Touching the soil and growing vegetables - 1.2 mile community compost part 2

The compost made by the members has matured and ready to use. It's finally time to mix it with the soil and start planting vegetable seeds! 

1.2マイル、シアワセの輪 : 東京の真ん中で楽しむコミュニティコンポスト

Community Compost in the heart of Tokyo

We are participating in the “1.2 mile community compost” project held at COMMUNE in Omotesando. As well as meeting various people, we’ve been learning more about circular economy initiatives starting with garbage from home and different knowledge about agriculture and food education.  

我が家のコンポスト・チャレンジ!No. 4

Compost challenge! No.4

We've harvested mixed leaf using our first compost from LFC Compost. For the second round of compost, we will be making carrots! 

我が家のコンポスト・チャレンジ! No.3

Compost challenge! No.3

About 6 weeks have passed since our last compost journal. After the compost was complete, we put mixed leaf seeds for 2 weeks. See what it looks like now!


Compost challenge! No.2

Our home composting challenge continues! Let's see how the composting is going after 3 weeks!

我が家のコンポスト・チャレンジ! No. 1

Compost challenge! - No.1

Our home composting challenge has started! We will share our challenge on a regular basis through the blog, so if you are interested but don't know what to do, please follow our journey. First, let us introduce what kind of compost we chose!
Eco friendly - Compostable Mailers

Eco friendly - Compostable Mailers

Packaging materials are a big topic for us, as we sell sustainable products online. Today, we's lie to talk about our thoughts and the actual packaging materials we use.