Compost challenge! No.1 is here

Compost challenge! No.2 is here

About 6 weeks have passed since our last compost challenge journal.

To be honest, we were scared once because of pests during the 3 weeks maturing period!

However, we got help and advice from LFC Compost (the company we got the compost kit from) so in the end it was all good. We're really thankful for them as their response was so quick and really eliminated our anxieties and questions as we are beginners! 

They told us that, vegetables with high fiber (or hard) such as onion skins do not completely compost after 3 weeks of aging. So our compost was not completely composted yet.

But this is how we coexist with nature.

Things differ and depends on the composter and the location etc, so we recommend you to just keep going without worrying too much.  

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Here is what our compost looks like now! 

We didn't think too much and sprinkled the seeds from above and lightly covered it with soil.

The buds started to appear in about one week, and it looks like this after about two weeks. 

There are a lot of seeds inside; we'll continue to water it every day and continue to observe for another two weeks.

After that, we're ready to harvest, which really is the best part! 

This photo here is radish grown in another planter. 

We had our first harvest over the weekend; it was small but very rich in flavor!

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