There are over 20 brands that Borderless Creations are sourcing from.  We’ve introduced the brands and their products but who are the people behind the brands?  What are their thoughts?

We asked the same 10 questions to all the brands so that you can get a better understanding of the brands and their stories.

Today we interviewed Mr. Fredrik, the Founder of 15:21.



Q1)  What triggered you to tackle ethical and sustainable issues?

A1) I have since a child been interested in both fashion and the environment. 15:21 was a way for me to combine both of my passions.

15:21 was born out of a desire for change and stands for breaking patterns.

For me personally, it was about a change in my life and job, but in a wider sense, it’s about changing patterns of how we use materials. I think people often just presume that their wallet or phone case has to be made of plastic, leather or silicon and aren’t really aware that there are alternatives.


Q2) What has changed from when the brand started and now?

A2) A goal for us has always been to educate people regarding the positive effects of cork and how important the commercial aspects are for the environment. We are really proud to have played a part in raising awareness!


Q3) What was the hardest part of developing your brand? On the contrary, what was the best thing about continuing the brand?

A3) I guess to actually start it. Everything beyond that are just challenges! 


Q4) Tell us about someone that you know who are working on being sustainable. What kind of activity/initiative is this person doing?

A4) I know many and I think all of those who make an effort are heroes! From friends who are working on environmental innovations to
the ones who chooses to bring their own bag to the supermarket.


Q5) What is your favorite quote? 

A5) Tough one! I love Einsteins quote "Logic will take you from A-B, imagination will take you anywhere"


Q6) Tell us about any books or movies that have had a great influence in your life!

A6) One of my favorite documentaries is "Shark Water", produced by Rob Stewart.  The documentary introduced me to Sea Shepherd, an organisation which truly irreplaceable and really cured my life long fear of sharks. They are most wonderful creatures! I recommend anyone to see it!


Q7) If you can eat ANYTHING now, what would it be?

A7) Recently discovered the fruit Rambutan and I'm hooked!  I love a rambutan fruit anytime.


Q8) If you can go ANYWHERE now, where would you like to go? 

A8) I'd love to visit Patagonia!

Q9) Any other country or city you want to live?

A9) Japan! I really find the Japanese culture interesting and the nature is unbelievably beautiful ... on google.  Would love to see it for myself some time!


Q10)  What are you most mindful of when you think of your lifestyle? 

A10) I really try to avoid screen time as much that I possibly can,
mostly my phone! I've come to the unpleasant realisation that I don't reflect on things anymore, just keep scrolling that Instagram feed...

[About 15:21]

15:21 is a Stockholm-based brand with a love for functional minimalist design. The whole concept of 15:21 started with a missed train to work.

The founder says, "Arriving at the train station at 15:21, I was a few seconds late but just in time to watch my train to work close its doors and slowly roll away. Instead of feeling frustrated, I had a moment of lucidity where I came to realize how my life was built around routines and my soul-less work. I began to pick up on an old project and started sketching on new ideas. And that's how 15:21 came about."

15:21 blends Scandinavian simplicity with nature's own aesthetics. All products are made in fine quality Portuguese cork with their belief: "It's our belief that nature should be nourished, not exploited. By working with cork, we do exactly that. "

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