Our compost challenge has been completed after 3 weeks of composting.  Now we wait another few weeks for it to  mature.

And now it looks like this.


For the past 3 weeks, we've been putting about 200grams of waste which means we've put about 4kg.  But in all honesty, the compost bag does not feel so heavy.  Perhaps the water evaporated or perhaps it's composting correctly?  As we're still new to this, we can't be for sure.   Only the compost bag knows the truth at this point!

Having said that, we must say good job to the compost bag.  Fortunately, we did not feel that there was excess water coming out or felt any odor coming out of it.  We think that it is progressing quite well. However, we should still be  careful about pests such as flies especially because summer is coming.  We've been looking around too but if you know of any good organic repellents, please let us know!! 

Our compost challenge will continue as we wait for our first compost to mature.  We will now start with the daddy size compost bag.  With this bigger size, it will probably take about 3 months for the compost lifecycle.

We were at first scared when starting the compost, but it's been very easy and it's definitely something we want to recommend to everyone with confidence!  Our actions to reduce waste is an important part of our mission to be sustainable.  We started first by eliminating plastic bottles and are now trying to reduce food waste. 

Let's all be informed, get inspired and be the Change!

Compost challenge series: