The first compost we made with LFC compost was used to make Mixed Leaf, and now we are on to the second compost and this time we will be making carrots! Why carrots?  Well, our son loves carrots and loves to munch on it as a snack so we thought it would be fun to harvest carrots.

The second compost looks like this:

Looking good!

First, we mix the compost with the soil in our planter and water it. Next, dig a trench and sprinkle the seeds. Finally, lightly cover the top with soil and it's done!

Please see the video below for details. I'm really looking forward to harvesting the carrots and look at how it grows.  It's definitely a fun experiment to do with your children as well.

At Borderless Creations, we have also started to participate in community composting held at COMMUNE in Omotesando from August 1st, so we will report on these activities in the future as well! Reducing waste/garbage is and should be one of our mission to live on earth. If we continue to incinerate the current 18 million tonnes of waste/garbage annually, it will lead to further global warming.  Let's start with what you can do!

 Making vegetables using compost made at home

1. Get soil in compost (we make our compost using LFC Compost)

2. Hmmm there are some things that haven't compost...  Even if a label looks like it is made of paper, some are made using oil derived products do not compost so please be careful!

3. Mix the compost and soil, create a trench for the seeds.

4. Carefully put the seeds inside the trench.

5. Cover it lightly with soil.

6. You can also use bug repellants (this one is natural aroma essence)

7. And done! Please give it a try! 

Compost challenge series: