Tohoku region is famous for producing scallops. The shells that remain after harvesting scallops are piled up along the coastline as industrial waste. The remaining contents decay giving off bad smell, and pests and birds gather. However, processing these shells is quite expensive. For this reason, the current disposal method is to dump more than 150,000 tons of shells annually into the sea. The total amount is increasing year by year, and is becoming a social problem.

618 Scallop Powder was created to contribute to three of the 17 goals of the SDGs: "Responsible Consumption and Production", "Life Below Water" and “Life on Land". The use of this product indirectly leads to the prevention of environmental degradation and contributes to improving the environment by protecting earth.

In addition, using 100% natural ingredients without relying on chemicals will not adversely affect humans and animals and lead to the creation of a healthy environment where you can live with peace of mind. Used 618 powder water returns to the sea while keeping drains and rivers clean. The use of this powder can reduce the use of various detergents. A cleansing, deodorizing and disinfecting agent born from the blessings of nature that are kind to the earth and gentle to humans and animals. 


This scallop powder can be fully used for cleaning and washing, which is essential daily routines. In addition, the powder does not pollute the drains. It's indeed a perfect detergent-less item!

We found this product at an event; after listening to the power of the scallop powder from the founders, thought it was worth trying, and purchased it.

At our house we mainly use this during laundry instead of normal laundry detergent. It's amazing that just a spoonful of powder can help with washing, deodorizing and sterilizing!

On a side note, after we started using the powder, we feel that the lint that accumulates the way, since we started using this powder, we feel that the garbage that accumulates in the washing tub and pipes come off more than before.

This is a made in Japan product, which is our first for our store. We highly recommend it!