As stay-at-home continues, the time spent with partners and families have gotten longer.  Why not use this time to do things you usually don't do?

Aside from work, we spend most of our time in the house, and sometimes walk around the neighborhood for groceries and some exercise (ie: walking). Weeding the garden, organizing bookshelves, cleaning all corners of the house, etc. can be quite fun actually!

Of course it's also nice to just watch a movie or read a book at home!

Borderless Creations Online store offer suggestions for people who wants to enjoy their time with family, or to relax by themselves, or to add color to the dining table, and more. If the everyday essential items you use are also ethical and sustainable, we're sure it would add more talking points during conversations in the house. 

abeego : 蜜蝋ラップ / Beeswax Wrap

Why not use the beeswax wrap as a plate?  Looks like a picnic does't it?

PARA : ランチョンマット&コースター / Placemat & Coaster

Or using these rubber made placemats and coasters for your dessert time.  Mmmm yumm!

KAFFEEFORM. : リサイクル可能カップ / Recyclable Cup

Read some book or watch a movie with your favorite coffee!

OMY : 大きい塗り絵ポスター / Giant Coloring Poster

Get the family to draw together on this giant coloring poster from OMY!

Got ink on your clothes?  No worries, these pens are washable!

ÄIÄI ILLUM LAB : キャンドル / Candle

How about some relax time with candles before bedtime?  These are 100% natural!

Some of you may have realized that you feel more relaxed as the usual busy schedule has changed dramatically. If so, that probably means that you've always been too busy! Perhaps it's a good time to reset our mind, and find fun ways to spend more times at home while we all work together to overcome the pandemic.

In addition to product introductions, we will continue to post sustainability related topics. Please stay tuned; stay safe and stay healthy!