Here is part 2 of the blog about the 1.2 mile community compost in which we participate!

Previous blog is here.

This project, which is currently underway at COMMUNE in Minami Aoyama, will take the next step; the composts made by the members have finished, and now the compost will be used to plant vegetable seeds that can be harvested next year. 

It's finally time to start farming in the heart of Tokyo!

First and foremost is mixing the soil and compost! Everyone was having fun mixing with their bare hands.

Thankfully, we were able to get a donation for the seeds which were grown in Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture. There are various seeds such as spinach and green peas. Considering the time of planting each of them, I think we have a great lineup of vegetables that we can enjoy for a whole year!

On the day of planting, Ms. Taira from LFC Compost happened to be in Tokyo, so it was an extra special opportunity to get great advice from her.

The work of planting seeds will continue, but we would like to ask everyone reading this blog one thing.

For this project, we are looking for people to donate planters that are no longer needed so that we can reuse them.  We're looking for rectangular planters; the best size is 60-80 cm wide. Of course, if you have other sizes, no problem!  Please contact us at Borderless Creations if you can donate!

If you are in Tokyo, we can go and get it from you as well

Thank you for your cooperation!