We at Borderless Creations are participating in the “1.2 mile community compost” project held at COMMUNE in Omotesando.

This project has started from 2 companies; 4NATURE Co., Ltd., which aims for a new circulation cycle through biodegradable sugar cane straws, and Local Food Cycling Co., Ltd., which developed LFC compost which can eliminate household waste while living in the city center.  

4NATURE | https://www.4nature.tokyo 


LFC Compost |  https://lfc-compost.jp/product 


  [For me, and for someone else]

The goal of this community as titled is to work together to solve waste problems and think of the effective use of composts in addition to the actual compost collecting. These are discussed and ideas are shared.

This community will also lead to the understanding of recycling knowledge, from household waste to agriculture and food education.

[Reduction of household waste]

Easily and happily reduce the amount of garbage in household waste.

[Effective use of soil]

After composting, there is no need to worry about soil disposal because there is a final collection point, and the soil collected by the community is returned to the area to be used.

[Cultivation of reliable vegetables]

When you understand the process of waste becoming soil after composting, you would appreciate and want to use it for growing home gardens and plants.

[Experience the connection]

Experience the cycle of nature and the connection with community members.

[Contributing to environmental conservation]

Since the recycling of waste is completed within a radius of 1.2 miles, local production for local consumption of waste is possible. It can also contribute to CO2 reduction by transportation and incineration.

[Education of food and agriculture]

Home compost connects with the community, and sometimes the composted vegetables return to the household who made the composted soils. As a result, it becomes an experience-based teaching material to learn while having fun. 


It's been about two months since we started, and everyone brings their own unique compost.

When I saw the fun conversation while comparing the compost we each made, I realized again that this was such a wonderful community. In the future, we are planning events that members can create! We would like to continue to participate in this project so that the circle of wonderful encounters can be further expanded. 

Photo 1: Bringing our compost together 

 Photo 2: The bag that collects all the compost that the members brought. Further aging/composting has progressed and it has changed to good compost. 

Photo 3: Making signboards using old materials provided by members. A picture of herbs will be drawn on the blackboard!