Do you live close to Daikanyama?

Right next to Daikanyama Station, you can now find "Daikanyama Forestgate", a new sustainably built building complex with lots of greenery. The complex has a area called CIRTY, which is a collective name for activities centered on two elements: a real place where people, things, and ideas related to circularity gather, and a media outlet that disseminates information. CIRTY aims to nurture a circular community based on familiar experiences from everyday life. You’ll find a cafe, bulk store, flower shop etc and many events (clothes swap, book swap, weekend markets)!

CIRTY launched a new service recently called “Recycle Stand” which is a resource circulation service run by “PASSTO”, a service that collects, sorts, and redistributes unwanted items.

Items that can be collected are:
●Clothing, fashion goods, and hobby goods
●Tetra Pak paper containers

 These boxes are on the second floor of CIRTY!

You can "PASS TO (handing over to the next person)" your clothes and goods, and easily participate in circular activities!

* Precautions *

  • Please do not put wet items in the recycling stand.
  • Once collected, the items cannot be returned.
  • Items that are soiled, stained, or have excessive hairballs will not be accepted.
  • Please bring in tetrapacks in an opened, washed and dried condition.
  • Excluded items : Underwear, socks, swimsuits, kimonos, shoes, uniforms, gym clothes, uniforms, perfumes, jewelry, shoes, slippers, etc.


PASSTO is a resource recycling system provided by ECOMMIT, which builds infrastructure for the collection and redistribution of unwanted goods for a recycling-oriented society.