Euromonitor International is a global market research company with headquarter in the UK.  In August they published a ranking for Sustainable Travel. 

They stated that “Our Sustainable Travel Index uses 56 indicators across seven pillars - Environmental, Social, Economic, Risk, Demand, Transport and Lodgings - determining the comparative performance of sustainable travel and tourism for 99 countries through scores and weightings to produce an overall ranking.”

Some interesting facts from the report:
* 41% of travellers prepared to pay 30% more for eco-tourism 
* European destinations dominate the Sustainable Travel Index. Top 5 - Sweden, Finland, Austria, Estonia, and Norway
* Melbourne tops sustainable city destination followed by Madrid (Spain), Seville (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden), and Tallinn (Estonia).

Of course, not all countries were researched so this doesn’t show the entire picture but it is still quite interesting.  I’m interested in why these countries and cities have become the top; perhaps there are things that we can learn and adopt in our own city and country we reside in.

Read the entire report from Euromonitor International.

Source: Euromonitor International report