We’ve been participating since 2021 in the one-year project called Fuku no Tane, which helps you understand the process of making clothes by harvesting organic cotton. This year will be our third year.

Cottons harvested:
1st year (planted 2021) - harvested 6
2nd year (planted 2022) - harvested 9
3rd year (planted 2023) - so far 13

Every year, it's been a challenge; the climate is different every year, not all planted cotton seeds sprout and harvested, so we really understand how hard it is to grow organic cotton. Normally, cotton bolls are formed after cotton flowers bloom from summer to fall, and harvested after the weather turns cold, but this year it is very early. I wonder why?

The first year’s harvest was made into sneakers:


The second year’s into T-shirts:


Just to reiterate, this project was about growing and making your own raw materials for clothes; in this case, organic cottons. One thing is for sure, after experiencing this project, it's hard to believe some of the price of the so-called clothes that uses "organic cottons" that are being sold. It takes a lot of time and effort, and A LOT of seeds which makes you wonder...  Isn't someone within the supply chain being exploited??

Here's what the current third year's harvest is like:

This projects continues to be very eye opening...