What is Second Hand September?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industry, with a carbon footprint outweighing that of international flights and shopping combined.

According to @OxfamGB, every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill. (Source: https://www.oxfam.org.uk/get-involved/second-hand-september/)

Second Hand September is a campaign started by @OxfamGB, to encourage people to think more sustainably and change your buying habits! Shop second hand and donate, reuse, rewear and restyle.

But before your shop second hand, consider this:

✔︎ Go through your wardrobe and declutter your closet! Ask yourself with each item if you will wear it in the next year. If the answer is no, then you can probably live without it. Why not sell them to charity shops or second hand shops?

✔︎ Repair or upcycle! Patch up and repair pieces or be creative and transform them in to something different.

This month is a great opportunity to rethink your shopping habits - stop chasing the latest trend and cultivate your own personal style! When you shop and donate second hand, you’re reducing waste and keeping clothes out of landfill.

Take the challenge! Make your pledge to shop second hand for 30 days. Use the hashtags #SecondHandSeptember #FoundInOxfam when you post!