A SUSTAINABLE VILLAGE, located in New York City's East Village, is a Zero Waste Shop & Refillery, a store where you can refill ethical household items, soaps, and other items for zero-waste purposes.



New York is a city is commonly referred to as the “Melting Pot” of America because of it's massive diversity. That is why it was such a great inspiration to experience zero-waste in such a multicultural place.

This is the entrance to the store. The display is filled with their point of view. 


Now let's go inside!  So many interesting looking products packed in side the store!


And of course, a refill station for soaps etc!


On the wall inside the store is an illustrated explanation of the refill process.


This is the number of plastic bottles saved by refills and the number of trees planted through their refill station.

It is really wonderful to have such a community in New York City.

We had a great time shopping and talking with the staff, hoping that this kind of initiative will spread more in Japan as well.

If you are ever in New York, please stop by the store!

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