For the 10 days we spent in New York City, we mainly ate out with friends who lived there but also spent time relaxing and eating in our room.

We went to the supermarket almost every day to get fruits and yogurts for breakfast. We saw a wide selection of yogurts from whole milk to plant-based including soy and cashews. Also, when choosing granola, there were more gluten-free products than we had expected, which was a relief as it made it so much easier to deal with our son's wheat allergy.


Oats, coconut milk

Coconut, Pilli Nuts

Gluten free granola 


Choosing prepared food for dinner was also a lot of fun. One of the supermarket recommended by a friend has a buffet corner with a wide variety of meat and fish dishes, vegan dishes and salads. Everything was sold by weight so all you had to do is fill a box with whatever you like. Simple and easy to understand!  And everything was delicious!


Grilled salmon, salami, quinoa salad, garlic broccoli


We also ate out and found several restaurants that we thought were delicious.

Here are two of our recommendations. 

Opened in July 2022, the TIN BUILDING is a hip commercial facility adjacent to the Seaport.

Seeds & Weeds, located in the facility, is a restaurant specializing in vegan and vegetarian food. One of the most delicious dishes was the oven-roasted whole cauliflower shown in the photo. It is a very simple dish, but the sweetness of the vegetables and the original sauce matched so well, and both my family and friends raved about it!

Interior of the restaurant


Oven roasted whole cauliflower. Yum!


Seed paper we got as we were leaving


Le Botaniste, 100% organic & plant-based cuisine in Lexington Avenue.

At the counter are several dishes prepared in Le Creuset pots. Among them I chose the Pasta Bolognese. The pasta is probably made with rice flour and is safe for gluten-free people. Other sides, such as veggie balls, were also delicious.

Interior of the restaurant


Plant-based bolognese



The veggie balls you see on the left were yum too!


Last but not least...

My son was hooked on this gluten-free panini.
The bread we chose was cheese flavored, and the selection of different ingredients made for a satisfying meal!

New York = bagels! We found both whole-wheat bagels and gluten-free bagels!

An Ethiopian restaurant we went with friends. It was delicious!


There are so many other places we want to introduce, but that's all for now.

Next is the final installment of our New York research. We will introduce a store with sustainable products. Stay tuned!