A one-year project to enjoy the process of making clothes.

What is “Fuku no Tane” project?

This project is about growing and making your own seeds for clothes; in this case, organic cotton - which is one of the raw materials for making clothes. This project is about learning the manufacturing and the production background from raw materials to clothes through the entire process. This time, the final product will be "canvas sneakers."

Last time, we were able to report that there were many cotton balls and after almost 2 months, one was finally about to burst! Let's see what happened!

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Day 190 12/2

As the weather gets colder, there's been heavy rains and wind but the cotton balls have been so strong!! They're all looking good and now able to find two cotton balls burst and harvest! Yay!  


Day 202 12/14

The cotton balls have been silent for a while… but ta-da! Harvested the third and fourth cotton balls today! Let’s see if the others will continue…



Day 210 12/22

5th one harvested! 4 more cotton balls… I hope I can harvest them too!



Day 231 1/12

I was wondering if I could harvest more by the end of the year, but in the end there was no movement. Now it's been 12 days since the beginning of 2022, let's see what the current situation is...

Two cotton balls seems like they are getting ready to burst! It's getting colder now that we're in the midst of winter, so I don't know what will happen, but I hope I can harvest more! 


Day 238 1/19

Waiting for 2 more cotton balls to burst but need to send these out, so decided to take out the cottons that have been harvested already from the stem.

Soooo fluffy!  How adorable are they??

This project started by planting, growing and harvesting organic cotton.  Next step is to send these raw materials to create our original "cotton canvas sneakers!" How exciting is it!  Stay tuned!