A one-year project to enjoy the process of making clothes.

What is “Fuku no Tane” project?

This project is about growing and making your own seeds for clothes; in this case, organic cotton - which is one of the raw materials for making clothes. This project is about learning the manufacturing and the production background from raw materials to clothes through the entire process. This time, the final product will be "canvas sneakers."

Last time we planted the 10 cotton seeds and saw some sprout.  Now it is time to move them to the planter!

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Day 45 July 4th
Last time the 6th one, Jesse didnt't make it.
Since last time there were more changes and finally only 3 were looking good and it was hard to see if the other 2 will make it...


Day 50 July 9th
There were 5 but finally the only ones left were these 3.
Gerald, Tom and Scarlet has been doing great so it's time to move them to the planter!
First, let's make the soil by mixing the soils made by compost and red soil.


To the planter!

From left Gerald, Tom, Scarlet
The roots of cotton are quite thin and delicate. 
We hope they get bigger!


Day 57 July 16th

It's been a week since they were moved to the planter.

Getting a little bigger for sure!

From the left
Gerald > First to sprout
Tom > Third to sprout
Scarlet > Fifth to sprout 
Their timings were all different, size is different snd they look different as well. So diverse!





So much rain (and they are heavy rain!) this year which makes me a bit nervous...  I hope these 3 will keep thriving!