A one-year project to enjoy the process of making clothes

Since May 2021, we have been participating in a one-year project called “Fuku no Tane” which literally means “seeds of clothes”.

What is “Fuku no Tane” project?

The project is about growing and making your own seeds for clothes; in this case, organic cotton - which is one of the raw materials for making clothes. This project is about learning the manufacturing and the production background from raw materials to clothes through the entire process.

The item to be made this time are “canvas sneakers”; we’re so excited as the final shoes would be made by combining the minds of experience cultivated over many years with the new technology of biodegradable sole.

I’ve been working in the fashion industry for many years, but it's a first for me to make the raw materials myself. Trying it and experiencing it your self is a very important process.

I hope to share the process little by little throughout the year on the Borderless Creations blog, so stay tuned!
First of, let's plant the seeds!

Here's the seeds that were delivered.  I had no idea that cotton seeds are so fluffy and cute!

Before planting the seeds, I was told that it is better to dampen the seeds a little a night before.  Apparently this helps with the sprouting.  I used the UNPaper Towel we use at home; dampened it and put the seeds inside. 

Wrap the seeds with the damped towel and now we're set!

Let's plant the seeds!
It'll take about a month for the seeds to grow so now let's see how it goes...