There are over 30 brands that Borderless Creations are sourcing from.  We’ve introduced the brands and their products but who are the people behind the brands?  What are their thoughts?

We asked the same 10 questions to all the brands so that you can get a better understanding of the brands and their stories.

Today we interviewed Ms. Claudia, the Founder of MIOMOJO.




Q1) What triggered you to tackle ethical and sustainable issues? 

A1) Having worked for many years in the import-export trade, I longed desperately for greater meaning and purpose and to find a way to contribute more to society at large. I wanted to satisfy an unfulfilled demand, but to do it in a way that was ethical and in line with my values. Besides being vegan, I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, design and beautiful things, but was growing increasingly frustrated that these products often came at the expense of innocent living beings or the environment. So, I decided to start my own researches to offer products that are good for the people, the animals and the planet.




Q2) What has changed from when the brand started and now?

A2) Our main goal has always been to be a business for good. I knew from the start that I wanted Miomojo to employ a business model where giving back to charitable causes was built firmly into the equation. The first association we supported was Animals Asia, whom we work with still today, alongside many new others. Our mission to give back has never changed.

The products have, of course, changed: we have discovered incredible innovative materials, such as Cactus Leather and AppleSkin. 

Another thing that really changed, is the consumers’ awareness. Nowadays, everyone is a lot more conscious on the consequences and impact of their choices, and interested in deeply understand what is behind the product they buy. Surely, this is helpful for our brand, which has always been committed to sustainable and ethical choices.



Q3) What was the hardest part of developing your brand? On the contrary, what was the best thing about continuing the brand?

A3) The hardest situation Miomojo had to face was the Covid-19 period. The Covid-19 pandemic has obviously impacted the world in profound ways, and no place more so than our beloved Bergamo, which early on became the epicenter of the virus in the western world. Our local population was ravaged but still we came together and soldiered on, and through it all, my team and I vowed to implement even higher standards when it came to sustainability and innovation. And with our new Made in Italy collection (produced locally and from cactus leather and recycled apple waste), I believe we’ve successfully captured the strong and persevering spirit of the Italian people.

The most beautiful part of our work is to see our community grow always more, but especially to concretely see our contribution towards animals charity organizations. I have been many times in their rescue centers, volunteering and there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the concrete help we, as a brand, are giving to help them.




Q4) Tell us about someone that you know who are working on being sustainable. What kind of activity/initiative is this person doing?

A4) Someone who is sustainable, has to be first conscious of the impact of what he eats and act accordingly. We believe in small acts that matters, from a plant-based diet, to avoid using car when possible, not to buy single use plastic, to recycle, to avoid fast fashion brands…




Q5) What is your favorite quote? And why do you like it?

A5) "Beauty will save the world". I truly believe in it.



Q6) Tell us about any books or movies that have had a great influence in your life!

A6) Just to name a few: the book by David Attenborough “A life on our planet”, the documentaries “Kiss the ground” and “What the health”.






Q7) If you can eat ANYTHING now, what would it be?

A7) I would love so much to go back to Los Angeles’ restaurant Crossroads Kitchen and enjoy a delicious vegan dinner there.




Q8) If you can go ANYWHERE now, where would you like to go?

A8) Africa.




Q9) Any other country or city you want to live?

A9) No



Q10) What are you most mindful of when you think of your lifestyle?

A10) What I put in my plate everyday.




Miomojo. Designed kind.

Miomojo's vision is to create a kinder, more sustainable world.

Situated in the heart of Bergamo, Italy, they endeavor to produce innovative, cruelty-free products that never harm animals.

With creativity and compassion, Miomojo have proved it’s possible to have fashion, without fashion victims.

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