A one-year project to enjoy the process of making clothes.

What is “Fuku no Tane” project?

This project is about growing and making your own seeds for clothes; in this case, organic cotton - which is one of the raw materials for making clothes. This project is about learning the manufacturing and the production background from raw materials to clothes through the entire process. This time, the final product will be "canvas sneakers."

Last time three cotton seeds were moved to the planter.  Gerald, Tom and Scarlet.  How are they doing now?

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Day 101 8/29

7 weeks since they were moved to the planter.

From the leftGerald > First to sprout
Tom > Third to sprout
Scarlet > Fifth to sprout

Scarlet is getting taller and taller compared to Gerald and Tom. Amazing how they are all so different in how the grow!


Day 106 9/3


Some changes to the cottons!  Here’s how it started:

5/21 > Planted 10 cotton seeds
6/28 > In the end 6 cotton seeds sprouted
7/9 >  Not all cottons survived and only 3 (Gerald, Tom and Scarlet) were able to be moved to the planter.
9/3 > Gerald, Tom and Scarlet have been getting bigger inside the planter and fast forward to today.  Scarlet has two very cute flowers starting to bloom!  I wonder why the colors are different?

Day 127 9/24

Cotton balls!

Starting to see the beginning of cotton bolls! These are supposed to burst and become round, fluffy clumps of white cotton. So exciting!

Day 136 10/3

More cotton balls!

Last time I only saw cotton balls from Scarlet but found a few from Gerald as well.  Can’t wait to see them burst and become round, fluffy clumps of white cotton!

Day 177 11月19日
Day 177 11/19


Almost 2 months since I saw the cotton balls and finally one of the is about to burst!

A few more weeks until we see the cotton seeds becoming cotton balls!  Hopefully I can report and show the round, fluffy white cotton soon! Stay tuned!