Théla is a brand from Greece, and one of the many brands we feature on our online store.

Today, we wanted to talk about why we decided to carry this brand. 

Japan currently ranks second in the world in terms of annual plastic usage after the United States. Furthermore, the consumption of plastic bags is said to be more than 450 per person per year.

Recently, the number of people carrying their own bags is increasing due to the fact that you now get charged to use bags from the store.  However, I still see many people paying for the extra bag at supermarkets and convenience stores and it makes us a little sad...


Born and raised in Mumbai in India, Diti, the founder of Théla, witnessed an increase in plastic consumption in her country and began learning about the harmful effects of plastics to the environment.

After moving to Athens, Greece,  she faced much higher levels of plastic consumption than before.  When she saw so many plastic bags used and discarded in Athens, she started doing what she could - cutting and crocheting the discarded plastic bags.

Today they have expanded to more craft techniques, are collaborating with sustainable and like-minded organizations in India and are combining the upcycled plastic fabrics with other sustainable materials like naturally dyed organic cotton.

We really are inspired by Diti's thoughts  and  her strong willingness to take one step toward in solving plastic problems.

限定ラージパウチ | Exclusive Large Pouch
ラージクラッチ | Large Clutch

Of course, her "taste" as a graphic designer is outstanding!

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Indian cultural and craft organization, apart from the revival of traditional weaving techniques, employment is also available for waste collectors, skilled weavers, homeworkers, the elderly and prison inmates. We think the opportunities that she provides are wonderful, and definitely not easy to copy.

There is no doubt that this courageous step will change the future global environment.

Finally, we were again inspired by her words from our interview with Diti:

"Théla is not just a retail brand, it is a means to increase awareness about the harmful impact of plastic on us, wildlife and the environment and to talk about its easy alternatives. This, for me is the most satisfying. "

We at Borderless Creations will continue to introduce people who are making sustainable efforts in the world and continue to create opportunities for everyone to know.

Let's all be informed, get inspired and be the change!  Let's start from what you can.