(Illustration by: Shoko Kawai | IG: @shoko_kawai


We have been consciously adopting a plastic-free life every day, but for this year's Plastic Free July month, we've decided to share our challenges with you; we hope this can inspire more to take the challenge!

So here goes, our Plastic Free July Challenge! The challenge period is one month.

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The one month challenge is over.  The first two weeks we all had the same challenges.  For the final two weeks we each added our own individual challenge.  There were some epic fails here and there but no one can be 100% perfect from the beginning right?  Live and learn!  Here's how are final two weeks went first:



  • Brought my own wet wipes to lunch!
  • The fork at the cafe changed to trees! But it was wrapped in plastics… sad…
  • Found a Fairtrade Coca Cola in a glass bottle at the Farmer's Market! Plastic free!

  • Got these organic vegan chocolate spread but it was in a plastic jar...
  • Plastic free ice cream
  • Bought a big batch of chewing gum; put them in small tin can so I can take it with me!
  • Plastic free with loofah sponge!
  • John Master Organics' bamboo brush.  The handle is made of bamboo and totally plastic free.
  • I make vegan yogurht and keep them in a glass jar so it's plastic free! Though I did have to throw away the kefir package...
  • Bought a big jar of Korean sea weed!

  • It's still hard to choose plastic free items at the farmers market ... It's a pity that there aren’t many bulk stores at the market.at the Farmer's Market it's hard to find plastic free items... Unfortunately  there were no bulk store at the market today.
  • I met an edible cup! We tasted nut flavor and shrimp flavor.  Amazing Japanese craftsmanship!!!
  • Once you know the recipe it’s easy to make your own toothpaste! These makes your teeth smooth and comfortable to use.

  • My Challenge 2 was making natto (Japanese fermented soy beans). First, soak them in water, boil it, and use the fermenter!
  • My monthly henna powder time to dye my grey hair. The use of henna is good for the environment and for myself, but every time I use it, I always wonder about the amount of plastic packages it uses...
  • My snack box.  Bought the ingredients at a bulk store and put them in these small reusable box.  Plastic free and easy!  I haven't been to a convenience store in a long time now.
  • Today's snack at work.  Fruits and nuts and oat milk latte.  Beeswax wraps are so easy to use.  Once done, you can fold it and easy to take home.  No plastics, no waste!
  • Monthly CAT Street clean up day. It was hot but felt so good!





  • This is home made sorbet! We made it with ingredients inside our house. Super yummy and all reusable!
  • I had no more water inside my water bottle so I took the courage to ask to refill here! Yay! I didn't have to buy water in plastic bottle!
  • Went to our usual bread store for breakfast.  I forgot my water bottle so asked for water in a glass bottle and not paper cups!

  • I didn't buy it this time because I still have them at home, but I was able to find rice that is plastic-free!
  • The company complimentary gift note book is now made of sustainable materials. No plastic rings used as well!
  • Plastic free candies.  I'm going to keep these tin cans and reuse them too!
  • More examples of complimentary company gifts. These are chopsticks made from scallop shells! Since it is a biomass plastic product, it is environmentally friendly.
  • This is a charcoal recycled paper deodorant paper for shoes made by recycling plum charcoal! Definitely going to use these!
  • Made kimchi with cucumber and carrots. It's easy and no trash, so you don't have to buy it on the market!
  • Put them in a bag and take it home. No plastics!
  • Made yogurt from soy milk to avoid individually wrapped ones. 


    • Our bathroom area is almost completely plastic-free now! The diffuser I bought by weight at a bulk store using an empty bottle I brought with me!
    • I always carry a drawstring bag like this with me. Don’t have an eco bag? No problem, just roll it up and put them in your pocket.


      • Too hot these days; makes you want to ask for iced drinks right? Be sure to bring your own cup when you go out! Let's make this a standard!
      • More and more products are made by Tetrapak so it can be collected. Though I wonder, which one has the least impact on the environment? The packages that can be collected by Tetrapak or canned packages that can be recycled?
      • Second try of my natto making went well.  Hurray!
      There was a lot of challenges, learning and awareness this month! And first of all, we've allI realized again that the world is full of plastic. Here are our feelings after each challenge. The one month challenge to share with everyone is over, but we are all going to continue doing what each of us can do!