How about chilling out and relaxing in your home with these?

☆ Natural soy candles
☆ Porcelain bottle vase

Why are these eco-friendly?
✔︎ Natural
✔︎ Organic
✔︎ Small production
✔︎ Renewable resource 
✔︎ Recycle package

Many candles use petroleum-derived paraffin wax which releases harmful substances when burned, so be sure to check before you buy candles!

Äi Äi ILLUM LAB uses 100% natural plant essential oils, plant soy waxes, and pure Taiwan beeswax to provide an odorless alternative to clean air. Each glazed glass container is a laboratory-grade mouth-blown glass bottle with a hand-brushed bottle mouth. Each batch of candles is made by independent fragrance and a small amount of hand.

Bottle vases are inspired by a collection of plastic trash from the river Maas in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Foekje Fleur started looking more carefully at the river running through her home town and found plastic waste that had been accumulating there since the 1960s. By creating durable porcelain copies of the material she finds, Foekje Fleur is spreading awareness of this growing problem.

Start small and gradually shift to other sustainable alternatives that work for you and your lifestyle! Try them out!