Perhaps some of you have seen the video which was first shown in 2015 but still very relevant.  Which also means that since 2015, the fashion industry hasn’t changed too much…

Fashion Revolution held a campaign in 2015 to test whether or not shoppers who were offered t-shirts for 2 euros would purchase them after being confronted with the conditions in which it was produced.

Here's the video:

Fashion Revolution placed a vending machine, offering t-shirts for 2 Euros, at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.  They tested to see whether people would still buy it when they are confronted with the conditions in which it was produced. Apparently eight out of ten shoppers decided against it which really speaks volume.  

As the video says in the end, "people care when they know."

We think that most people want a fair society but there are so much marketing that don't show the conditions of how these cheap clothes are made.  People need to be informed and know about these issues which is why we're going to keep introducing legit information.

I actually had an opportunity to speak with 6th graders (140 of them!) about Sustainable Fashion and Fashion Revolution recently.

The 6th graders are currently focusing on researching and learning about SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production and they chose to focus on Fast Fashion as it is something relatable for them.

It was a great session; the students were engaged and ready to learn! In the end we asked the students to write to their favorite fashion brand asking them #WhoMadeMyClothes in hopes to make the fashion industry more transparent.

Don't get fooled and green washed!

Ask your favorite brands, #WhoMadeMyClothes ?

Source: Fashion Revolution