Plantagen is a store operated throughout the Nordic region where customers can fill their homes and gardens with plants, furniture and tools. 

They have a wide range, which is constantly growing and changing as the seasons for outdoor living, growing and gardening change. 

Sustainability has always been on their minds. For Plantagen, sustainability is about reducing environmental impact, inspiring others and influencing developments in our industry in a positive direction. 

Every year millions of plants are sold in plastic pots. To protect the environment, Plantagen encourages customers to return their pots. In return, customers will receive a new plant!

How does it work?

Plantagen has a recycling system for plastic pots to reduce environmental impact. The pots they use at the store are part of this recycling scheme.

For every six pots that are in the recycling scheme that are returned to the store,  customer receives a plant of their choice from a range of plants in recyclable pots. Once customers have planted their plants and collect 6 pots, they can take them to the nearest Plantagen store to receive a plant. The pots that are returned will then be reused by Plantagen by planting new perennials in them.

This is such a great idea and easy way to encourage people to return their pots and be part of a great cycle to protect the environment. 

Source: (in Swedish)