After our Plastic Free July challenge, we felt pretty good about reducing household wastes.  However, the more stoic you are, the more often you feel that you’re just not doing enough.  It’s okay that you’re not perfect.  Don’t get too stressed out; why not start with a Low Waste lifestyle that can help you ease in to a Zero Waste lifestyle? Don’t think you can do it?  Don’t worry and don’t think too hard, start with easy changes!

First, try the zero waste staples; my bottle, my bag, and my container. Just avoiding take-out plastics (shopping bags, straws, disposable cups, etc.) makes a big difference! Avoiding disposable plastic wrapping (wrapped vegetables, meat, PET bottles, etc.)  should significantly reduce the amount of trash that leaves your home! Other changes you can make, for example:

Change the disposable items to beeswax wrap or produce bags.


Change to  bamboo toothbrushes, laundry detergents and fabric softeners that are naturally derived alternatives.

* Change to a washable and reusable cloth instead of disposable tissues and kitchen towels.

* Do not get disposable napkins or cutlery at a shop or from deliveries
* Switch to reusable coffee filters!
* Use silicone containers: no need to buy any more single use wraps!

* Start composting.

Slowly and gradually, let’s start low waste life!