As remote work continues to be the mainstream, don’t you want to go out sometimes and work while drinking some coffee? These items are perfect gadgets that can help working from home more fun! How about trying these out?

☆ Rimini Rimini Bags: Laptop case
☆ Keepcup: 16oz coffee cup

☆ 15:21: Cork wallet

☆ Ririren: Pear branch fountain pen

Why are these eco-friendly?
✔︎ Certified
✔︎ Renewable resources
✔︎ Upcycle
✔︎ Fair Trade

Isn't it exciting and fun to find a product you like, and even better if it is also ethically made and sustainable? 

What is the story behind these products? What is the impact of buying these products? These are good questions to ask when buying something.