It’s great that many people want to switch to more ethical and sustainable products; but we don't think you need to throw away everything and replace all of them. First, It's important to finish using what you have now; there are enough garbage in the landfills, you don't want to bring more!  However, what you choose to buy next becomes very important.

There are many plastic products that have been used for decades. It is a fact that it has become so inseparable in today's society and it is everywhere.  How and what can we choose to switch to alternatives? These are some things we think about on a daily basis so we wanted to share what we do as an example. We hope that this can help you in your choices!

Picture 1>
Stasher bag vs plastic zip lock bags. Do you have plastic bags lying around in the house?  Don’t throw them away yet, reuse them first!

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Reuse bottles!  For example, we use this bottle to refill our olive oils at a local bulk store.  We also use bottle stoppers made by natural rubber, which is available at Borderless Creations.

There are many alternative and services out there; try looking for them.  Sometimes it’s just as easy as reusing what you have now.