Carry your own lunch box and bottle. Let’s make this a norm!I Even for take-outs, the number of shops that let you bring in your own containers has increased a little by little. Your neighborhood shops don’t let you?  Let the shop know! Maybe they will accept your request and perhaps it will become a normal request for them in no time. It’s important to ask; you have nothing to lose!

And of course, after enjoying lunch, don't forget to take care of your mouth by cleaning them!

☆ black + blum: Lunch box
☆ 24 Bottles: Stainless bottles

☆ THE HUMBLE CO .: Bamboo toothbrush

Why are these eco-friendly?
✔︎ Zero waste
✔︎ Renewable resources
✔︎ Support poverty alleviation
✔︎ Afforestation

Isn't it exciting and fun to find a product you like, and even better if it is also ethically made and sustainable?

What is the story behind these products? What is the impact of buying these products? These are good questions to ask when buying something.