[Sustainable cleaning with scallop powder!]

Hello I’m Rie, Borderless Creations Ambassador!

Today I want to talk about 618 Scallop Powder which is available at Borderless Creations.

This item is a cleaning, sterilizing, and deodorizing powder made only from scallop shells that have passed the radiation test! It is a very convenient and popular item because it can be used for various purposes.

~ Characteristics of scallop powder ~
・ Nature derived (zero use of petroleum or chemically synthesized preservatives, and artificial fragrances)
・ Can be used for babies and people with delicate skin.
・ It returns to nature while cleaning drainage pipes and rivers.

Although scallop powder is very simple, it can deodorize and sterilize stubborn odors and oils, so there is no need to purchase cleaning items for different purposes. This time, I will introduce some of my usage of scallop powder!


1) Laundry (washing machine) 3g for about 7kg-9kg. * Soak in scallop powder water for about 20 minutes before hand if need be. 


The scallop powder itself is odorless, so you can add aroma oil if you like.


2) 1g per 1L of water (wash basin) 

After washing, it is refreshing without leaving any unpleasant odor! 


3) Washing vegetables and fruits 1g per 1L of water (soak for 5 minutes)

Residual pesticides and wax can be removed. It also has an antibacterial effect, so they last a longer time!

After a while, you can see the dirt come out.


Please use it as an addition to washing your vegetables and fruits!

Other use can be, washing dishes, use as bath salts, baby wipes, as a mouthwash so please check the Borderless Creations Instagram and website for details!

Try it out!  Let's all aim for a more sustainable cleaning with scallop powder which is kind to both people and the environment!

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