Just use your usual recipe and replace the meat to soy meat! We've been trying out different recipes and it has been a great experience!  Easy and delicious! There are two reasons why we chose @loveg_official 's soy meats.

* No soy meat "scent" - rinse with water after rehydrating
* Does not lose shape after squeezing by hand to drain water

Above all, it's delicious!

Some examples we made:

[Gapao Rice]

> Used a recipe found in a Japanese recipe site. Replaced coconut oil to water and meat to soy meat (minced type) Other than that, it is as per the recipe. The taste was of course very good! The minced soy meat is easy to use and versatile.

[Sweet and Sour Pork]

> Just replaced the meat to soy meat (filet type). There are many recipes out there for sweet and sour pork that you can try!

[Katsu Sandwich: BC Original Recipe]

> Ingredients:  soy meat (filet type), baguette, vegan butter, vegan cheese, and seasonal vegetables. It's hearty and very satisfying! To season the soy meat, you can also use LOVEG's seasoning sauce.

1. Season the soy meat after rehydrating
2. Apply potato starch to soy meat and fry
3. Bake vegetables with olive oil
4. Spread vegan butter on baguette; put vegetables and soy meat.
5. Put vegan cheese on top and bake in oven for about 5-10 minutes
6. It's done!

Try them out!

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