Sustainability, eco-friendly, ethical... In the past few years these keywords have become more relevant and we hear about it more often. But what really is the issue and what can each of us do? Don't think too hard; start from what you can do in your daily life!

Speaking of getting started... Have you heard of this website?  We’ve talked about them before on our instagram.

    Plastic Free July is a campaign led by the Plastic Free Foundation. Each year, millions of people around the globe take the challenge and choose to refuse single-use plastics. Their vision is to see a world without plastic waste.

    Take a look at some of the great tips they have and let's get started! Why not take the challenge? There are much better ways than what the video showed :)

    Now, of course you don’t have to sign up to challenge your self.  Whether you sign up or not, why not try these?

    During Plastic Free July, why not try one or more all of these?

    • Avoid single-use plastic packaging
    • Target takeaway items (the Top 4: bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups)
    • Go completely plastic-free

    Pick a duration for how long you will try

    • 1 Day
    • 1 Week
    • All of July
    • From now on

    If you’re ready to take the Plastic Free July challenge and participate, than go and sign up! Participants will receive tips and tricks through their weekly emails during July to help you keep motivated during the challenge.

    Here are more challenge choices you can try.  It also shows the impact on the ocean, landfill and global warming:

    Give it a try and don’t forget to use #PlasticFreeJuly when posting about your challenge.

    Together we can make a difference and be a part of the solution.  It’s difficult to be completely zero waste.   Do what you can!