We are a gifting these Shimanto Newspaper Bags to those who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included) at our online store! Use it as a gift for your loved ones or use them for yourself.  They are definitely very eye-catching!

[About Ecru.soaplabo] @ecru.soaplabo
With the theme of eco-friendly laboratory, Ecru.soaplabo designs and creates products that are eco-friendly “disappear” after use like soap, candles and aroma crafts. Currently hosts “Bar soap making” classes and “Finding hair care that suits you” classes. They also focus on creating reuse soap from food.

These bags are made by @ecru.soaplabo who is a bag designer but also talented in many fields; she also makes soap and holds soak making workshops.  Inspired by the charm of "Shimanto Newspaper Bags”, she became an instructor and also uses her creativity and fashion background to create these original bags.

[Notes on gifts]
* Limited to customers who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included).
* Limited quantity; gifting will continue while supplies lasts.
* Please note that you cannot choose the pattern.

[About Shimanto Newspaper Bag]

“Make a new shape using the newspaper you have read. This evokes the basic concept of being eco-friendly = "circulation" and is “a fun wisdom of  human beings". In the US, use American newspaper, in France, use French newspaper... If you can use this fun wisdom all over the world, it can help and be better for the global environment. We aim to create such a world, through the use of Shimanto newspapers.”