[Improve your health with natural remedies. Here are my recommended item!]

Hello I’m Rie, Borderless Creations Ambassador!

Today, I will introduce health care items that enhance self-healing power using the power of plants.

For the past two years, I myself have had a period when my autonomic nerves were not adjusted due to stress such as anxiety and insomnia. I tried everything from taking vitamins and Chinese medicine which did not help much.

However, as I gained more knowledge on organic and holistic approaches, I came across phytotherapy and started to check the ingredients used.  I was able to improve my physical condition with the power of nature without relying on traditional medicine.

The items that I introduce are recommended for people with these conditions!

  • I always feel tired
  • Menstrual pain / PMS is terrible
  • Insomnia
  • Stress tends to accumulate
  • I don't want to rely on medicine
  • I want to test the power of herb


~ Introduction of care items ~

1. HERBORISTERIE Teinture mere

Teinture mere is a liquid extracted from herbs. 

I chose these two types.

・ Melissa = Relieves stress and balances the mind. Reduces menstrual pain, PMS, and improves gastrointestinal function.

・ Echinacea = Improves your immune system when you're feeling tired. Excellent for preventing colds and flu.

To use, just put a teaspoon in a glass of water and drink. The taste is slightly sweet and it is alcohol-free and caffeine-free, so it is very easy to drink!

There are several types of Teinture mere, so you can try them about depending on your conditions.



CBD oil based on jojoba oil and containing "terpenes" which are contained in hemp seeds. When you are nervous or want to take a break, just apply it to your arm or back of your neck to change your mood!

CBD oil is extracted from hemp stalks and seeds. Hemp is used as material for clothes, and recently it is also used as a raw material for eco-plastics. The absorption capacity of CO2 is about 5 times that of forests! It does not require a large amount of water for growing and is attracting attention as a sustainable plant.

* CBD oil is not addictive. 


3. Hemp Oil Drops 300mg CBD(3%)

CBD oil which you can drink. This is extracted only from organic hemp, which contains no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Use them when you feel the ups and downs or when you want to relax! I take 1 to 3 drops a day because it's easier for me to feel the benefits of CBD by taking it continuously every day. Thanks to this, my autonomic nervous system has improved considerably!


4. nahrin Herbal Oil 33 + 7

Aroma oil containing 40 kinds of herbs.

This can be used when you have migraines and stiff shoulders; apply it to the back of your neck so relieve the pain. The mint and citrus scents are very relaxing!


You can easily try any of the items and it's perfect for carrying around, so it's very effective for daily care.

By quitting chemical medicine and adopting phytotherapy, I can feel the effect slowly every day. I want to keep it with me as a natural "charm" that is kind to the body!