What can we do to help the future of our children, the planet and the climate crisis in question around the world? With these questions in mind, we founded our company on July 26th, 2019.  It's been a year now so we figured it was good time to re-introduce Borderless Creations and our thoughts.

Isn't it exciting and fun to find a product you like, and even better if it is also ethically made and sustainable?

There are products that return to earth after use, products that helps clean the drains and rivers as it returns back to nature while using it, products that consider animal, human rights and the environment, and products that create new value from waste. These are products with a lot of thoughts and stories behind it.

Japan is full of useful things; if you go to a 100-yen shop, you might be able to buy something similar. But we don't think the same quality is possible. Especially when it is mass produced with only cost in mind.

When we select our products, we always take these into consideration. We also make sure we convey our thoughts to the brands and founders too.

As a result, we have been very lucky to be able to find so many brands who let us be a part of their journey.

Borderless Creations online store is a store that curates products with stories behind them that are better alternatives.  As we begin our second year, we've also revamped the site so please take a look!

In addition, as a new initiative, we decided to offset the annual CO2 emission from Borderless Creations by using Treedom to plant various trees around the world. 12 trees have been planted to offset our CO2 emissions from July 2019 to June 2020.