(video: 24 Bottles official)

24 Bottles is one of the brand that Borderless Creations carry. Why do they call the bottles, "zero emission bottle"?  And why is there  "-0.08" on their bottles?

From their website: https://www.24bottles.com/sustainability/


-0,08 kg of CO2 eq is the quantity of CO2 you save from releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill your 24Bottles instead of buying a disposable water bottle.

In fact, producing a single-use plastic bottle involves 80 grams (0,08 Kg) of CO2 eq.


They have calculated the carbon footprint of their bottles from raw material to production, and from packaging to transport.  

Also, their tree planting project “treedom” has contributed to CO2 reduction of over 2,025,865Kg by planting 8,654 trees. (As of June 2020)

They are able to let the forest absorb all the entire volume of their CO2 emissions which is why they write -0.08 on their bottle, in order to show you how refilling with 24Bottles help save the CO2 emission from its production.

Why not forget about disposable plastic bottles once and for all? You can reduce wasted and also help with the overall environmental footprint we all have on the planet by choosing to refill.