In the natural world, how does coronavirus lockdown change the stress of wildlife? It seems that there have been many research on this at the moment and we found an interesting article which we would like to share.

"Marine Animals Enjoy the Quiet Life During Lockdown"

by Alexandra Genova


The article says that the Covid-19 lockdown has helped scientists all over the world to examine the impacts of a quieter ocean and marine life.

I'm sure you have learned in the news that wildlife around the world especially in cities have benefited from less traffic, cleaner air and less people.  This of course is the same for animals in the sea as well because of less sea traffic. 


"Researchers working near the port of Vancouver have found a significant drop in low-frequency sound associated with ships after examining real-time underwater sound signals from seabed observatories run by Ocean Networks Canada. Between  January and April, there has been a reduction of four or five decibels, thanks to the roughly 10% drop in exports and imports.

Cast your mind back to the time when you still took public transport and a fellow passenger decided to play their music VERY loudly with no headphones. Right next to you. Now, imagine that all day and all night.

This gives some sense of what it’s like for marine life, particularly sea mammals who are the most sensitive to noise.  The source of this din comes from; shipping traffic, oil and gas activity, wind turbines and more."


(excerpt from the article)

What does this actually mean?  And what can we do?

Of course, the experiments are still going on but safe to say, human activities has a big impact to nature.  You wouldn't want someone blasting out music right next to you all day and all night would you?

What we do post-corona can create a big impact.  Not just for the wildlife but also for us and ultimately for mother nature.

Now is a great time to think of all this; how do we want to come out of post-corona?  Do we simply go back to how things were?  How can we all work together to survive so that our children and their children can keep living in this beautiful planet?

Be informed. Get inspired. Be the change!