How often should you wash your clothes?

The answer really depends on personal aspects such as sweat level and lifestyle. However, of course every wash involves water and energy usage so what can we do? 

There is no right or wrong; again it is entirely on personal preferences but these facts could be a good indicator that can help you decide how and how often.

Here are some simple ways to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly.

✔︎ Washing your clothes less often
- It extends their lifespan, help save energy, resources and money.

✔︎ Wash full loads
- Make sure you’re only washing full loads rather than just a couple of items. It’s a good way to reduce the amount of water used.

✔︎ Use washing bags to prevent releasing microplastics
- Try out the GUPPYFRIEND WASHING BAG to help prevent microplastics to enter the ocean.

✔︎ Choose better detergent
- Look for eco-friendly laundry detergent options that are biodegradable and made without petroleum-based chemicals. In our household, we like to use 618 Scallop Powder which also helps the pipe and is not harmful to the ocean.

✔︎ Tumble dry or not
- The best zero-emission option is to sun dry your clothes.  If you do tumble dry, (like us!) separate thick bulky items that take a long time to dry from lighter items. When drying, consider using wool dryer balls like ULAT Dryer Balls - they can reduce static electricity and hasten drying time.

These are just a few indicator and again, there is no right or wrong. What ever you decide that makes you comfortable,  is what is right for you.  Just be mindful; changing some of your washing habit can make big impacts!