How many clothes should we actually have?  A new report from researchers at the Hot Or Cool Institute might give us a few clues.

We know that current trends in fashion consumption, especially in fast fashion, cannot be maintained if we aim to keep temperatures from rising within the 1.5°C target designated to fight climate change.

However, fashion consumption varies from country to country. For example, the richest 20% of people in the UK emit 83% more than the 1.5°C target, while 74% of people in Indonesia conversely live below adequate consumption levels. The report also shows that Australia, Japan, USA, and the United Kingdom have the highest per capita carbon footprint with respect to fashion consumption, while India, Brazil, China, Turkey, and Indonesia have the lowest per capita carbon footprint.

So what can each of us do to help?

The report states the following:

  • “Reducing purchases of new clothes is the most effective action to reduce the carbon footprint of fashion consumption.”
  • “If no other actions such as repairing/mending, washing at lower temperatures, or buying second-hand, purchases of new garments should be limited to an average 5 items per year for achieving consumption levels in line with the 1.5-degree target.”

5 new clothes per year.

What do you think? When you put it in numbers, it’s easier to understand, isn't it?
Does it seem feasible? How many clothes did you buy last year?

Buy less,
Choose well,
Make it last

is  important, but perhaps it’s best to add to this from now on:

Buy less
Buy better 
Share and 
Share better

Buy less but buy better and buy only what you need.
Look not only for new items, but also for used items, rentals, exchanges, etc. 


Hot or Cool Fashion Report