“Chat checkout “ - Dutch super market

Jumbo, a Netherlands-based supermarket chain introduced a “Kletskassa” or chat checkout in 2019.  This special lane are for customers who are not in a rush and could use a little talk with the cashier. The initiative was such a success which  prompted them to open this to their other stores.

The Netherlands has some 1.3 million people over the age of 75, over half of whom have said they regularly feel lonely. The supermarket chat checkout is part of a health ministry program to combat loneliness and invites companies and others to come up with creative solutions.

In today's society where everything is fast and mechanical, I feel the importance of being "slow", "talking to people" and "connecting with people". Isn’t this kind of a heartwarming story? A great initiative to have in Japan as well!

Source: Dutch news 

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