The other day, I met a person who hated the word "eco".

I asked further what they meant to which the person responded:

"I want to improve the environment, but these small actions won't change anything or make any difference."

"It's a clever business; say 'eco' to get people's attention, but the products are  also very expensive."

I understand where this person was coming from and trying to say. But it's also true that "eco" is still not widely accepted and because the items are not mass-produced, the price can be more expensive.

I continued to listen:

"If big companies don't do it, nothing will change, and if a few people make a fuss, nothing will change.

I nodded my head and listened, but it was time for me to question from a different angle.

I asked, "How about we don't say how great or better the item is for the environment but first focus on the look and feel first?  

I asked, "How about we focus on the fact that the items looks good and great, rather than focus on the eco-friendly part? After that, we can talk about the story behind the item and that it is eco-friendly."

Then that person said,

'That would work, because it was something I wanted to buy because of the aesthetics and not because how eco-friendly it was"

Hmmm, interesting.
But that's exactly what we're trying to do!

We would like the world to become a place where people who are not yet interested in eco, sustainability etc can still be keen on buying these products. Then, these people will be able to shop ethically without feeling any discomfort and without even realizing that they bought something that can help or is better for the planet.

This is exactly what we are aiming for! 

The words "eco", "ethical" and "sustainable" are now even featured in corporate commercials.

Compared to four years ago, the speed of these recognition is unimaginable.

However, I feel that these words are still very much just "buzz" words and it also seems like these words are getting ahead of themselves without the actual context being understood.

This is where like-minded brands, stores and customers have to work together. I would like to see our collective, small forces come together and become a larger force as we work our way up from the bottom for a better future.