SHIN-PUH-KAN opened in Kyoto on June 11, 2020. The concept is "A Kyoto landmark with an appeal found just in this place" and the site has been reborn as a composite hotel/commercial facility. There are various shops such as Ace Hotel Kyoto (their first hotel in Asia). We are honored to communicate that one of Borderless Creations curated products, Ririren pear branch pencils from Taiwan are available at the concept store, (THISIS)SHIZEN.


The company “DAISHIZEN", which operates the experience-based botanical shops such as [SOLSO FARM], is a new business format developed under the theme of "Nature, Craft, Art." The creative platform "Sandwich", which is based in Kyoto, is in charge of spatial design and art direction.


- Nature, crafts, art -

(THISIS)SHIZEN is a shop featuring the blessings of nature and the shapes and foods that come from human hands. Based on the concept of "Nature, Craft, Art", the store is divided into two themes: "NATURE&ART" and “EAT". The shop features plants that are mainly of Japanese indigenous species, ceramics fired in the shop using Japanese soil, organically-made food, tea, sake and art.

If you have the opportunity to go to Kyoto, please visit them and take a look at Ririren's upcycled pear branch pencils!