There are over 20 brands that Borderless Creations are sourcing from.  We’ve introduced the brands and their products but who are the people behind the brands?  What are their thoughts?

We asked the same 10 questions to all the brands so that you can get a better understanding of the brands and their stories.

Today we interviewed Ririren, a company in Taiwan.




Q1)  What triggered you to tackle ethical and sustainable issues? 

A1) The environmental problem in the farming villages.

There was limited land in Taiwan for agriculture, but we are still not paying enough attention in recycling. The shortage of recycling belief/momentum makes improper burning of used materials and wasting of usable resources into a bad circle. 

We notice this problem and believe that we can turn this into an opportunity by bringing new concept into Taiwanese agriculture. 


Q2) What has changed from when the brand started and now?

A2) We started on promoting the concept of less burning of the wastage in the pear farming community in Tai Chung. Nowadays, not only we have about 80% improvement here, but also influencing the neighborhood area.

This year, we take one more step to other fruit farming societies. We are working on helping them to develop new products and increase the profit for them.


Q3) What was the hardest part of developing your brand? On the contrary, what was the best thing about continuing the brand?

A3) The most challenging is to "making believe". 

There are resources being considered as rubbish.  We need to continue communicating with the farmers and the end buyers that once considered garbage/waste things with the proper process we can make it more valuable.


Q4) Tell us about someone that you know who are working on being sustainable. What kind of activity/initiative is this person doing?

A4) There is a team called “Isle.Travel,” who worries that the traditional stone tidal weirs in Peng Hu might be forgotten during time. So, this team has been working on preserving this wisdom of ancient fish man through learning about the building skills and recording as many data base as they can.


Q5) What is your favorite quote? And why do you like it?

A5) "There is no desperate situation, only the desperate situation of the people." (by Heinz Guderian)

Since the founding of Ririren, we have been frequently challenged and sometimes frustrated.  But we believe in this quote and are walking out our own way.


Q6) Tell us about any books or movies that have had a great influence in your life!

A6) I do like "The Miracles of the Namiya General Store"  and "Norwegian Woods" which are both Japanese book/movie. 


Q7) If you can eat ANYTHING now, what would it be?

A7) Eel from Nagoya, Japan


Q8) If you can go ANYWHERE now, where would you like to go?

A8) Japan


Q9) Any other country or city you want to live?

A9) Fukuoka and Shizuoka in Japan.


Q10) What are you most mindful of when you think of your lifestyle?

A10) "Come what may."

We believe that there will always be up and down in our lives. Yes, we must always try to make us better and keep on moving forward. When it is smooth, things are always good. When the timing is not right, we should also keep on preparing ourselves. Because when the time is right, only those who are prepared can grab the opportunity.


[About Ririren] 

Founded in Taichung in 2016, by two young people, Ririren Rural Company Limited (梨理人農村有限公司) started to take action after seeing large amounts of surplus fruits being produced in rural village in Houli, Taichung after the harvest. 

Their vision:  "We hope to become a pioneer for the circular use of fruit trees in Taiwan and hope that our efforts can inspire more people to pay attention to the value of each and every kind of resource."

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